“Women in View,” reporting on sexism and racism within the film industry.

“Women in View” is a non- profit organization founded in 2011 that is dedicated to promoting gender and racial diversity on screen here in Canada. This organization is a resource for women interested in current and comprehensive research pertaining to gender and racial biasses within industries related to film, television, and generally any screen based production. The statistics shown in these annual progress reports continue to expose the massive underrepresentation and gender gap that exists in the Canadian film, television and digital media industry. 

The latest report presented at the 25th Anniversary St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival, served as a catalyst for conversations around strategies such as affirmative action policies as well as creating incentives to promote equity in the film industry.

The full report from Women in View, 2014 can be viewed here:

Their research on the representation of women’s employment gap emphasizes the importance of conversation around gender disparity and how the division of labour restricts women to certain roles within the workplace. Studies show a glass ceiling effect taking place within the film industry that keeps women out of show running positions that carry authority like the roll of director or producer. We need many women from different walks of life in these positions of influence in order to create more informed representations of women. Women in view’s research has become a catalyst for conversation around equal representation within the film industry.

Women in View host bi-annual conferences entitled, Sex Money Media, which celebrate and explore the status of women in screen based media. 

Their website is http://www.womeninview.ca/
Please check them out & show your support! 

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