Morgana McKenzie: Women Filmmakers to be Featured at the Ottawa International Film Festival


When I First saw Morgana McKenzie’s name on the 2015 Ottawa International Film Festival lineup, I thought to myself how refreshing it is to see such a young face garner recognition on this scale.

After researching more about Morgana, I have come to find that this young woman is not to be underestimated. She is dedicated to the mastery of her craft and has used her articulate voice on behalf of women in the television and film industry. A particular interview worth mentioning is where she is asked about her experiences being a female filmmaker. She articulates some of the double standards she experiences, but then really effectively drives home her point with one plain statement, “Female filmmakers are filmmakers and nothing less.”
Watch the full response Here:

Morgana received tremendous praise for her short film, “Gifts” about a young girl with the gift of premonitions in the form of dreams.
Watch Here:

This year at the Ottawa International Film Festival, Morgana’s film- “Kurayami No Wa” makes the prestigious 2015 lineup. Morgana’s films tend to be dark in nature. This particular film synopsis reads as follows: “When Hallowe’en is hijacked by a Japanese doomsday cult, a girl and her siblings are forced to flee into the harsh conditions of winter.” I can’t wait to see the how this talented filmmaker takes us through the beauty and terror of winter with this new film she’s created.  Morgana has recently embraced and perfected an indie vibe to her dark films. She is noted for her editing abilities and I think this film will only serve to reinforce her notoriety for excellence.



Currently, Morgana is working on a new film called “Ellie” which reached it’s crowd funding goal in just 18 days.
Find out more Here:

Visit the Ottawa International Film Festival Website to learn of the many other dynamic filmmakers that will be taking part in the 2015 Festival Here:;

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