Liz Manashil: Women Filmmakers to be Featured at the Ottawa International Film Festival

This year at the 2015, Ottawa International Film Festival, we find an impressive list of female directors. This is no doubt thanks to Nina Bains, the director and founder of the festival since its creation in 2010. First time Director, Liz Manashil makes this year’s list of Directors to be featured. Her debut film “Bread and Butter” is what we like to call- a must see.


Liz is an American director whose feature film will be lighting up the screen in the Canadian capitol for film enthusiasts to enjoy the cool and understated indie vibe that she brings to the wonderful art of filmmaking. Check out the “Bread and Butter” trailer bellow.

“It’s an awkward anti-romantic comedy,” Liz describes in a podcast interview posted for your enjoyment below. Much of the film is based on dates that she or her friends have had, so it offers a more realistic portrayal of the trials of modern dating than say- Hollywood’s version of a rom com. She made the film as her final project at film school, only to produce it now. In Bread and Butter, she actually cast members of her inner circle into her first film. Liz’s own boyfriend can be found in this film. Somehow, she has managed to produce a compelling, well casted, comedic indie film that everyone is talking about.

From viewing the trailer and learning more about Liz, a few things really stuck out that make this a must see at the Ottawa International Film Fest. Liz has managed to master the art of the common conversation in a way that lacks ego. Her characters are not unrealistically charming or trying to be cool. The concept of these characters not being the typical kind of perfection we get used to seeing in high budget, staged romantic comedies works to Liz’s advantage to reveal what I would refer to as a more honest approach. As a rom com fan, I love to see the genre evolve thanks to indie directors such as Liz and their ability to provide more realistic and relatable characters.

The dialogue and the interaction that takes place between the characters is masterful. It reminds you of those lines that we bring up to our friends, reminiscing of the time time you both laughed till you were sure you had finally developed abs after one of you said something funny.
“I know enough about myself and other people to say what I want.”
“Oh, you sure don’t.”

And it wouldn’t be complete without an amazing choice of soundtrack, which judging by the trailer, is something that has not escaped Liz Manashil for a moment.


We also see a familiar face in “Bread and Butter” – Lauren Lapkus, the female police officer from the hit television series, Orange is the New Black.
Check out more about her on this list of underrated female comedians.
6 Underrated Women In Comedy

Find out more about Liz and her film, “Bread and Butter” on this great interview podcast called “Just Shoot It.”

Visit the Ottawa International Film Festival Website to check out the fantastic list of directors that will be taking part in the 2015 Festival Here:  Ottawa International Festival 2015 Line Up;

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