Last year I signed out and had no idea I would come back to such a great response from readers and a steady viewership. I am so encouraged to see how many people are connecting with this collective. We love hearing from all of you! The women’s film collective is back and bold as ever- on the lookout to uplift, work with, shout out and highlight badass women in our communities. 

In September, I added single Mother to my list of challenging rolls I now undertake. My daughter is now nearly four months old, she is a blessing and has made me feel more grateful and determined than ever. I am back in action!

No matter what you have going on in your life – it is important to always take steps towards your goals.  Balancing work and motherhood is hard!  No matter how busy you are, take even just 30 minutes a day to bettering your craft. Whether it’s an idea for a script, or an editing program you want to master, consistency will help you achieve your goal. 

Now that we are back in full swing, please let us know what you’re watching! Who is exciting you!? What topics and festivals would you like the Women’s Film Collective to cover this year? Ladies, what are you working on? Who is someone you would love to see us do an interview with!? Let us know in the comments or email us at