issarae.pngIssa Rae is everything. She is one of the most exciting and talented women in the game right now. Most recently due to her success with her new HBO series “Insecure,” but she has been a favourite of mine for much longer than that.

Issa Rae is someone any aspiring web series developer should be taking note of. First, because she’s incredibly talented and hilarious, but also because she’s incredibly open about her process and journey getting to the level she’s at today. She even produced a series called INSIDE -Issa Rae Production where she gives an inside look at how the series and the projects she’s working on comes together. Wow, what a great resource and tool. If you’re someone aspiring to create a successful web series and need some inspiration- Issa is IT!

She started with an idea and minimal equipment, she had her friend hold the camera for her to shoot her first episode of “Awkward Black Girl” . Guess what? It is hilllarrrriiouss. It was the jump off point of her career. She didn’t wait for a big budget or for all the right pieces to come together- she just began with what she had.

If you haven’t seen Awkward Black Girl or Insecure- do yourself a favour. You can find the whole season of Awkward Black Girl on youtube or check out her new show “Insecure” on HBO. I would also encourage you to check out some interviews with her because all that comedy and drive doesn’t only express itself when she’s producing a web series- she’s also brilliant and funny in interviews as well. Word is that Issa Rae is working on a Sci- Fi Project and show about black teens. Find out more: Here.

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