A collective is a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, that work together to achieve a common objective. 

This film collective is a grassroots project based out of Canada which seeks to build bridges and establish itself as creative platform and resource for the collective learning and sharing of women within the media and film industry. 

The objective of the Women’s Film Collective is not only to highlight the issues, triumphs and opportunities women working in the television and film industry are discussing, but also to create a platform for members to engage in discussing, creating, planning and sharing their own content.

Her perspective collective seeks to create a web-based t.v. series that is created and produced by women and queer allies, while creating space for women to share their experiences and network together for the purpose of content creation for media production.


  • Inclusion and diversity-  Our goal is to create realistic and healthy narratives that reflect women’s lives and experiences.
  • Provide space for networking and growth; connecting brilliant and creative women with the purpose of creating and sharing content.
  • Encourage Voice

PRACTICALLY SPEAKING : Let’s get down to the nitty gritty


Highlighting successes of women in film and covering topics related to gendered dynamics of screen based industry. Covering and reporting on film festivals and women driven projects or events related to the successes and challenges of women in the film and television industry. Sharing voice through video.


Where art meets technology: the women’s film collected offers accessible workshops in schools and marginalized communities for young girls introduction to critical thinking- new media- web programs- film industry positions.
Contact us for pricing and program information.



  • Year one: Our first goal is to write an 8 episode web based television series.
  • Year two: Produce the First Season
    Long term Goal
  • To establish a platform that makes introduction into careers in film and television more accessible to women and girls. In a male dominated industry, to create a television show and content driven site written and produced by women.


We discuss content and ideas on monthly web seminars. Check the calendar to see when the next Skype hang out is!

And feel free to email us with any questions at herperspectivecollective@gmail.com

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