The Challenge

The collective is concerned with the practical applications of film making; the creative process- writing and producing of content. To establish female writing tables. To connect.

Some of you will have never written before, never thought about writing and why would you.  We live in a society where women are not often seen as directors or authority figures in general, but we are creators. The collective challenge is about inviting women (girls) to the writing table. This is the place to start. Share your script, jump in on a skype session and chat with women working on film projects. The challenge is to write!

For those of you who have trouble without direction, every month there will be some kind of direction in the form of a topic. An example might be “street harassment.” Each collective member will write their version, from her perspective. You do not always have to follow the suggested content, but it can be helpful for those who aren’t sure where to begin.

If you are already established as a member, you will have set your own objective for the project you’ve chosen if you are hoping to work independently. Please note, any member of women’s film collective must submit at least one form of writing or film contribution to the collective challenge each year. We do this first to remind you of your goal, but also as a help to each other to keep the members list to those that are active in participating in the collective.

It’s simple, if you have an idea for a scene, if you come across something funny or erksome in your day to day life, or if you think of some hilarious dialogue because you WISH you would have said it during an interaction in your real life-  Submit it! Maybe you feel politically motivated around a certain subject. Maybe you’re a hidden comedian just waiting to create hilarious short spoofs. There are others who are interested in bringing your vision to life or collaborating on it with you on around your project.

Sign up and be given the first challenge. We must have your email address to be able to add you to the calendar so you will know when the online meetings will occur.


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