Creating Content

The goal of this project is to create an 8 episode web based television series made by a collective of women that bring something new to the table in a world of testosterone driven, sexually exploitative hollywood films. We position ourselves as a counter culture, fresh, progressive, feminist television series that tells stories and experiences from a diverse team of women. We are small scale project working with limited budget, which is something to consider when writing your scenes.

This upcoming year, we will discuss our character choices and story line, meeting to read and revise each other’s scripts.

At the end of the writing process- we will create first the pilot episode first, and in the following year- produce the full series.

This film collective will take into account the direction of it’s members. We encourage active participation in the creative process and for our members to write stories that are informed by their own distinct view point. This is a grass roots project made through a feminist lens that acknowledges intersectionality- we want our work to reflect that.