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We Provide in school WORKSHOPS.

Each workshop is accompanied by a Women’s Film Collective mentor. The workshop takes place over the span of a week and is relevant to any Women Studies, English, Media Studies, History, Global Studies and Visual Art classes. The workshop is best applied to students ranging from grade 7- 12. These workshops were designed to meet the overall and specific expectations aligned with the Ontario curriculum.


Drawing on personal experiences and point of view- encouraging voice and story telling. We make a point of showcasing young people who are celebrated & making a difference in their communities through film.


Thirteen year olds Tessa hill and Lia Valente created a documentary entitled “Allegedly” on the subject of rape culture. It became a viral sensation which led to them getting over 30,000 signatures in favour of adding consent to the Ontario sexual education curriculum.

“People say ‘teenage girls aren’t so clever. Your characters should be less articulate to reflect our youth.’ The people who say that aren’t spending time with teenagers.”

-Diablo Cody- Female Screenplay Write


Combine Creativity with Technology.
Creating opportunities for Team Work.
Introduce young people to academic critical theory in a practical and fun way.

Contact Women’s Film Collective at in order to find out more information. Workshops will be tailored to suit specific needs and necessary time constraints.

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