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One thought on “Sign Up

  1. Hi, I am interested in knowing if you are accepting projects. I have a screenplay with Amazon studios, WISP, probably just collecting dust. Its book twin, based on the screenplay is:

    and I also have a second book,

    and they are amazingly low in price. There is a chapter in WISP that is not in the screenplay. Written just to get an element out of my system, as TRASHY WHITE GIRLS is not the sexcapade the title suggests.

    I am currently writing another screenplay. It, like WISP was written using the FINAL DRAFT program. I also paid to have a critique of WISP, which I cannot find, but I am always open to more opinions on it.

    I really like Reese Witherspoon’s movies. My favorite one is LEGALLY BLONDE, for two scenes: where she does not get proposed to as expected and her grief comes across so real, and the final courtroom scene where the daughter with the perm is made out to be a liar.

    I could give you my phone number but if your call comes across as private or something, I do not answer those, so I will just give you my email should you look at my books or amazon screenplay.

    Thanks so much,
    Barbara Shaidnagle


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